Holy Balance

The unreachable

In this piece, Rabia Salfiti explores the relationship between the individual and their environment by juxtaposing a reactive mechanism in the gallery space. The physical proximity between the viewer and Salfiti’s scales set off a series of reactions in direct relation to the distance between them. Inside their glass cabinet, the scales are an ever-shifting system, sensitive to the slightest change in movement, but always distant from the viewer – unreachable.

Is the individual a factor of change?

What is the nature of that relationship Salfiti wishes to discuss? Is the individual is always a factor of change, triggering movement and shifting power, or is there more to this movement than meets the eye?

The audience hones in on Rabia’s focus and tension building up as he creates by his moving body from one side to another, which follows the movement of the scales accordingly. Then energy transformed from the body into the artwork and then to the audience, Can a zen moment be reached?

Wisdom Of Crowds, Group Exhibition, Mixed Media: “Holy Balance” 2014 Beit Ha-Gefen , Haifa
Rabia Salfiti, 2014