Intifada 87

The project

An interactive exhibit where the audience will be throwing fake stones –paint-filled balls covered in clay – at a canvas-covered wall.

The inspiration

The concept was inspired by the drip painting technique pioneered by Jackson Pollock (abstract expressionist), which emphasized the use of movement of the body and space as a true way to express oneself.

The Palestinian Intifada

Pollock described his use of household paints, instead of artist’s paints, as “a natural growth out of a need”, similar to the use of stones in the Intifada by the Palestinian youth. He also writes about the modern artist, it is about “working and expressing an inner world   …expressing the energy, the motion, and other inner forces.

This resonates with sentiments regarding the First Intifada, as the artist lived it and understood it, which he believes came out from the heart of the people, expressing feelings of resistance in a spontaneous and organic way.

The exhibit attempts to reconstruct this, giving the audience an opportunity to relive and re-document it.

Group Exhibition, 2014

Qalandiya International Biennial, ramallah