Artist Statement


Rabia Salfiti, self portrait

I have lived my life as a nomad, a wanderer devoted to the eternal truth. My aim has always been to highlight social and political structures and boundaries. My medium spreads across various methods such as performance, video art, photography ,installation and movies.

I discovered art searching for the hidden treasure


My quest started from an early age as a child gazing at a group of people playing Poker, I was fascinated by the cards and their power to attract the players, I call it the game of hide and seek, how each and every cardboard colorful paper can highly influence the emotions of those playing, and how a poker game is all about the search for meaning while expecting your own inevitable death!

Florence, the Circus and India

At the age of 19 I was determined to travel to Florence to study interior design, and learn about the aesthetics that surrounds the human body, I discovered feng shui, this led me to a decade of wandering, after I finished my studies I joined the Italian traveling Circus in Greece as a photographer, and ended up in India studying Philosophy at the Varanasi University and engaging in the fascinating life of Gurus and Sadhus.

I started Seeing

This was a turning point in my life, I went introspective and I started practicing yoga and meditating, I became more in contact with my self, the inner world, the magic number three, the tiny details in a society, and the reflection of oneself into another. Simply I started seeing.

The connection between the intellect and photography

I went back home and decided to study Education and Design  focusing on photography, I believe that there is a connection between the intellect and photography! It is the reflection of what is inside your mind translated into shapes, shades, light and colors. Similar to  meditation when the formless, takes form. It is the connection between you and the world outside.

Performance Art, the art of here and now

During my studies I tried and explored different mediums, towards the end I was drawn to performance art the art of here and now and its rich ways to convey my ideas, since it consists of the art of ideas over products,  and it really represents the era I live in and the political situation in the land i live on  where it provides significant material for performance artists, very similar to the seventies of Chris Burden and Joseph Beuys, in term of rejection to imperialism, and questioned political motivations! I don’t seek to entertain my audience in my art but to challenge and provoke them, I want them to question their own definitions in art, which is not always comfortable and pleasant.

My Bio